Monday, January 02, 2012

A goose's dream 거위의 꿈

i wana be a great blogger~!


i wana be a great photographer~!


i wana be a great...

What i really wanted to do and to be in my life? I thought alot whenever i think about it.

Anything under the sun, anything in the universe... is never a thing that i never not have a thought about.

Maaybe it is becoz i am still in my stage 5 of role confusion vs identity?

Or maybe i am completely drown in effect of role confusion in my teen life?

PARALLEL LIFE ~ how cool it is if we could actually live in parallel lifesss and travel thru and fore x)

blablabla... after all i think to figure out my talent soon enough before it is too late aint it?


First post of the year 2012,

a year that mean alot to us,

HAPPY 10 years of friendversary to ShuTeng and me <3

This kinda surprise me, in just a blink of eye, we never ever stop ourselves to contact each other or stopping from the trend in visiting each other (after knowing that we live just a street away) that we had for years(i know this will still continue until when any of us go to overseas or etc). And now it's been 10 years.


Saturday, October 22, 2011


i have and had green thingy in my whole life.

when i was young, i always choose stuffs that are green (actually, aint i choose but i chose to let my sisters to choose what colours they favour first), eventually parents thought i love green

when i graduated from high school, the robe i had to wear was green too.

when i studied ausmat in sunway university college, the uniform for ausmatian was green too.

sigh, green is always around me, though so, but i never liked green instead i hate !(except shinee's fan club green)

LOL, so ironic am i ? teehee ~

Blue, Pink & Green ausmatian

19/10/2011 - 21/10/2011

YES! Blue day, Pink day and Green day!


What is love?

Love is sweet; love is bitter. Everyone experiences sweet and bitter in their journey of life. Roads along the journey is always rugged. That is when challenge is given, and need to be accepted.

Love can never be fair. You cant except someone to love you much as they love others. How they feel when they are with you and when they are with others are completely different. Coz you aint them , just so they aint you.

An advise from a pro-outsider, one should be willing to sacrifice for others instead of waiting for others to sacrifice for you.

two different person .

two different feelings.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i have a dream

when you look at this sentence, what will appear your mind in the first time?

for me,
it is westlife version of i have a dream song
it is dr. martin luther kings's speech i have a dream
it is song sam dong's dream song


Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ideal , Real self ?

Ideal self is always said to be impossible to achieve in becoming your true self.

It is said that there is a gap between the real self and ideal one.

According to Carl Roger,

"Ideal self is the person you want to be ; Real self is who you actually are."

If what is said is true, then i will not able to reach my ideal self as i hope to be no matter how much effort i put in ?
If what is said is true, then my ideal guy will never be my true lover in future no matter how much belief i have in it ?